E-Commerce, B2B Partnerships and Fulfillment Services

Our Culture

We believe that having shared values and goals in our organizational structure is the key to our success. This creates a positive culture of mutual respect, collaboration, and support. When our behaviors and expectations are aligned, our potential for growth and opportunity is unlimited.

Our Brand

An e-commerce company that bridges the gap between manufacturers and customers using innovative processes and industry know-how. We elevate our partner’s brands by delivering high quality products to customers fast.

Our Vision

To create a business with sustainable growth that fuels financial and personal growth for our employees, customers, and partners.

Our Purpose

To always go the extra mile to understand customer needs and unlock innovation in how we add value through products and services.

Client Mission


Understand customer needs, then partner with top electronic manufacturers to deliver the best products and services to fit the needs of consumers and small to midsize businesses.

Our Culture

Core Values

We make sure every end-user is happy with the products they order and every customer finds convenience in our products and services. We are dynamic and continuously adapt to add enduring value. Sevenshopper works hard to produce measurable results by ensuring that we remain true to our Core Values.

Be an Innovator

Be Accountable

Be a Truth Seeker

Be Open and Honest

Be Respectful

Our People

We embrace diverse perspectives by being respectful and are open to learning from others, no matter what role they have, and regardless of their age, industry, experience, or tenure with our company. We make better decisions when we consider multiple perspectives.

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